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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 277

Last night Hubby and I really enjoyed our little get-away to the casino.  I stayed up waaaaaaaay too late, but it was worth it because I had to stay up in order to get paid for this jackpot!  My first ever!

I'm so thankful for Grammie who looked after our kids so Hubby and I could have some grown-up time during her visit.  I know she loves spending time with J & K, but I also know how exhausting it can be, even now that they are older and more self-sufficient.  Unfortunately she leaves to go back to New York tomorrow.

We've had a great visit... she was able to have lunch with both of the kids at school, see J's band concert and awards ceremony and celebrate K's birthday with us. I know she hates being a long-distance Grammie, but she and my kids have such a special bond despite the miles.  We're all so blessed by her.

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