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Monday, June 23, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 299

The list of medical expenses for a chemo patient is never-ending.  Last night I ordered a compression sleeve (also known as lymphedema sleeve).  Since I had so many lymph nodes removed during surgery, I am at risk of developing lymphedema, which is basically lymph fluid trapped where it shouldn't be, which causes swelling.  Really anyone with any surgery to a lymph area is at risk, but considering I had more than twenty lymph nodes removed, I need to be careful.

Some of the ladies in my chemo group and surgery group have mentioned having (or needing to get) sleeves, but none of my doctors have said anything about it.  I know one of the "risky" things, though, is flying.  Since I am scheduled to fly to New York next week, I asked my lymphedema specialist about it.  She said she definitely recommends me wearing one for travel, even though I don't show any signs of lymphedema.

I went to the local medical supply store and they showed me several different kinds, starting with the generic beige:

or one that looks like a tattoo:
or even ones that sparkle:

In the end, I went with one that is pretty but understated (in my opinion):

I'm supposed to go back to the medical supply store today to have them fit me for a sleeve and order one if they don't have it in stock.  However, their prices were way higher than what I found online, so I had Hubby measure my arm and ended up ordering one from a web site specializing in lymphedema items.  It is supposed to ship today, so hopefully I'll have it before we leave next Tuesday.

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