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Monday, June 9, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 285

I feel like we set a bad precedent last week.
So far our summer vacation has looked like this:

  • Monday - football camp for J in the morning, then his friend came home with us from football for the afternoon;  K's friend spent the afternoon with us and stayed overnight;  Relay for Life dinner party that evening.
  • Tuesday - football camp for J;  batting clinic for the girls;  out to lunch with all the kids;  both friends spent the afternoon with us;  K had a softball scrimmage that evening;  J's friend spent the night.
  • Wednesday - football camp for J;  out to lunch afterward, then his friend spent the afternoon with us again.
  • Thursday - work for me;  K had two friends over in the afternoon;  camp check-in for J at church at 4pm;  K spent the night at her BFF's house.
  • Friday - drop J off for church camp;  work for me;  K brought her BFF over in the afternoon;  Hubby and I had to work a softball tournament that evening;  K spent the night at the hotel with her friend who was moving.
  • Saturday - Hubby and I worked the softball tournament in the morning;  took K to see the movie Maleficent;  K spent the evening and slept overnight at her Peepaw's house while Hubby and I went back to work the tournament.
  • Sunday - K spent the day with her cousin at Peepaw's house;  Hubby and I had a kid-free brunch date and a quiet afternoon.
So tell me... what is the rest of the summer going to be like?!?!  I need a vacation just from the start of vacation!  If we ever have a day where we just sit home my kids won't have a clue what to do with themselves.   

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