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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 295

Today J and I went on a little road trip.  K had softball camp this morning and spent the afternoon with friends while her brother and I drove to Fort Worth for physical therapy.  Yes, I drove two hours (each way) for a one hour physical therapy appointment.  When you have a serious medical condition and you live in a town where people recommend seeking treatment elsewhere for serious medical conditions, you can bet I'll be going elsewhere!!

My range of motion still isn't where it is supposed to be thanks to my surgery and now radiation which has tightened things up even more.  Enter Beth to the rescue.   She is a lymphadema specialist that my breast surgeon referred me to.  I had seen Beth, also an occupational therapist, several times before radiation but she didn't want to mess with my skin during treatment.  Now that I'm healed on the outside from rads, we'd like to try to heal the inside a little more.

So while Hubby was at work, K was doing this:

And while I was driving, my "company" was doing this:

So far our summer has been made up of a whole lot of "busy" and not a lot of "vacation"!!!

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