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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 178

I'm not sure if I've specifically mentioned much about the breast reconstruction process (or if you even want to know), but right now I have what they call tissue expanders. They put these in during my surgery and then slowly fill them a little at a time to stretch the skin to the desired size. Eventually (in my case, 6 months after I finish radiation) they do an "exchange" either for permanent implants or a surgery using your own tissue (what my plastic surgeon prefers).

Anyway, y
esterday I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon for a "fill" which brought me up to just above half of what my expanders will hold.  I'm feeling a little bit like Pamela Anderson now.  Ha! Not necessarily size-wise, but the expanders are just so WEIRD. Like a coconut bra or having two turtle shells.  Something like this:

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