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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 169

Any woman who is a mother (or a cat owner) knows that your time is never your own.  Once you have these little people (or creatures) in your house, you rarely get to shower without interruption.  Going to the bathroom alone is a thing of the past.  Telephone conversations are multitasking at its best, because face it, kids will crawl out of the woodwork needing things the minute you're on the phone.

It's the same thing with television.  I very rarely have control of the remote control in this house.  Hubby has a gazillion "who done it" shows on our DVR and an addiction to reality shows like Gold Rush, Swamp People and Impractical Jokers.  The kids are usually watching one mindless, stupid cartoon or another.  There are three things I insist on watching:  Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and the Olympics.

Hubby and I had to go to Dallas & back for my two appointments today.  I am stiff from riding in the car for six hours and sore from an hour of lymphatic massage with my occupational therapist.  All I wanted to do was get my comfies on, sit on the couch and watch the Olympics.   The entire time, K is chattering and complaining while doing her homework, and then J sits next to me on the couch commentating, asking questions, wanting me to look something up on the computer....etc.  I am the least tv-addicted person in this house and I can't even get through ONE SHOW!

The next time my children are engrossed in Minecraft I've decided I'm going to sit right next to them and point things out, make suggestions, ask questions and overall be a huge distraction.  I know Mom is low on the totem pole with most things, but come on, fair is fair!!

Now shhhh.... the Olympics are on!

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