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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 153

I have the best support system in the world.  

My husband, my rock, has been by my side since day one.  He never, ever complains and does whatever I need him to.  He goes above and beyond to take care of me every single day.  He holds me up when I'm down, he lends me strength when mine fails and he shows me love no matter what.  He is my lighthouse in this storm.

My children, the joys of my life, have been so understanding and so incredibly resilient.  They are happy and helpful and their smiling faces inspire me every day to say "#*!% you, cancer" and win this battle!

You already know how grateful I am for my mother... she has put her life on hold several times since d-day in order to come here to visit and take care of me.  There's no love like a mother's love and whether she's sharing herself with us here or cheering me on from New York, I'm thankful for her encouragement. 

I have so many wonderful friends both near and far who have rallied together to help me and my family.  They continue to take care of my children, have brought countless meals, gifts, smiles and love.  There are times when I almost feel guilty for their generosity, but I've learned that people truly want to help.  The best thing I can do is accept that help when it's offered.

Aside from all of the kind, thoughtful, caring people helping me here along the way, I have made some incredible connections online.  For months I've been posting online with a group of women who went through chemo the same time I did and we have lifted each other up during some very rough months.  I've also been lucky enough to stumble upon (ok, I was invited) a wonderful Facebook group of breast cancer survivors.  Most of them have already walked down this road, but some, like me, are still going through active treatment.  These ladies, my "Bellas", are some of the strongest, most courageous and supportive women I've ever met.  They share their stories, their wisdom, themselves, with each other every day and I can't imagine continuing down this road without them.  I'm so blessed to be a part of their sisterhood.

I'm lucky to have knowledgeable doctors in my corner.  I'm even luckier to have a wonderful family taking care of me.  The saying in that picture is the truth, though.  I have learned so much from the ladies with whom I share this fight.  To my BFF, to her mom, to my sis-in-law, to my 2013 chemo group, to my Bellas.....you are true warriors and your friendship has been as important to my healing as any medicine.  Thank you for being in the trenches with me.

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