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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 148

At my breast surgeon's office today, the nurse was asking all of the standard questions....

  • What medicines am I taking?
  • Do I have any pain today?
  • Have I had any falls lately?
  • When was my last menstrual period?
  • Am I breastfeeding????????????

I am not kidding.

I know they see a lot of patients and she probably didn't know my history or look at my medical record to notice my (very) recent surgery, but this is a BREAST CANCER center.

I was proud of myself. When she asked that (she was facing the computer away from me) my eyes got big and I looked at Hubby and we made faces at each other. We had a good laugh after she left.
The old me probably would have cried.  Score one for me!

1 comment:

LoriD said...

Oh my word!!! What a question to ask! I would have had to bite my lip from giving an "are you serious?" reply?