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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 130

Having surgery for breast cancer is kind of like a science experiment.  There are incisions and tape and all kinds of tubes and drains, there are several different medicines to take and then even more medicine to take to combat the side effects of the other medicines.
You probably don't want to hear about all of that though. I'm home, I'm doing pretty well and I'm extremely thankful that I have my hubby and my mom here with me.  My kids were happy to see me (they even made signs and put them up welcoming me home).
Now I just have to do nothing but rest, recuperate and build up strength... oh, and go back to Dallas again on Thursday for follow up appointments with my surgeons.  It is at the appointment with my surgical oncologist that we should get the pathology reports from surgery... And those will hopefully say that I have successfully kicked cancer's ass!

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