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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 134

So you all know I had surgery, right?  Pretty major surgery that means I can't really use my arms or upper body much.  What do you think happens when I shut the bathroom door in our house which likes to "settle" and rearrange walls and door frames by a few millimiters?  Yeah, I got stuck.  I tap, tap, tapped on the bathroom door (K was sleeping in our bed so I didn't want to pound on the door announcing my helplessness and wake her up in the process).  Nothing.  I sort of half called/half whispered Hubby's name.  Nothing.  I tapped on the door again.  Still nothing.  I knew he should be either in the room or coming soon because he told me he was going to bed.  Finally, just when I thought I would end up curled up on the bath mat for the night, I knocked on the wall away from the bedroom, and that did it.  Hubby heard me and came to my rescue.  Seriously - I can't even pull open a stuck door.

Another thing - today we took Hubby's truck to Dallas for my appointments.  Hubby drives a pretty big truck that I normally have to pull myself up into.  That becomes a problem when I can't use my arms to pull myself anywhere!  If you have or ever have had little kids, you've probably owned one of those plastic, colorful "One Step Ahead"  step stools.  Well, aside from helping little kids reach the sink to brush their teeth, this little stool is also perfect for giving me an extra boost into a Dodge Ram 2500.  Every time we stopped and I had to get in or out, Hubby would place the stool down at my door and help guide me in or out so I didn't use muscles I'm not supposed to be using.  He even thew in a "Your chariot awaits" once or twice.  See why I love him?  He also ended up carrying my purse around all day because as usual, it has too much crap in it and probably weighed more than the weight I'm allowed to carry/lift at this point.  What a guy!

Last, meet my friend D.  She is a fellow cancer ass-kicker (twice!!!).  She lives in Dallas and we finally coordinated our schedules enough to be able to see each other.  Not only is she smart and funny and nice, but she's very patient and waited with me at my doctor's office (and even waited a LONG time for me after Hubby and I went into the exam room) so we could have a nice chat.  I'm so pleased I finally was able to spend time with her, although next time we are attempting lunch which sounds infinitely more appealing than visiting in a waiting room.

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