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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 140

Random musings...

Sneezing after surgery for breast cancer is really, really bad.  Even 11 days later.

Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr and JLo make a very beautiful judges panel on Idol.

I'm an expert at packing snack bags for road trips, and yet we always end up stopping for a drink and a snack.

I'm going to really miss my mother. Having her here the last week and a half has been more wonderful than I can say. I hope she knows how much her help has meant to me.

Tomorrow a boy dear to my heart is having yet another surgery for his ear. Please say a prayer for my BFF's son Z. Hugs and love coming from Texas!

Speaking of surgery... Two of my chemo "sisters" are having surgery tomorrow. Kick some cancer ass ladies!!!!

My daughter dressed all in black today "like a spy".

I'm going to be disappointed if I come back from Dallas tomorrow and still have drains.

I have been getting dressed by myself for several days now, but today I even managed to do that with a pullover shirt. Thank goodness... I was getting tired of the same four zip up hoodies!!

Hubby has five substantial road trips in the next eight days. Please pray for safe travels for him/us.

Lately we've had a black cat hanging around our backyard. Today he brought a friend. Not sure what's so fun about my yard for these cats, but they spend quite a lot of time out there. 

The one benefit from chemo (aside from killing cancer) is no more..... I've had to start shaving my legs again.

It has been 168 days since d-day.
It has been 140 days since my first chemo.
It has been 12 days since my surgery.
I will be very happy when I can add "last radiation treatment" to that list.

Thanks for thinking of me, helping me and praying for me.

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