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Friday, January 24, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 149

If you read my post yesterday then you know how awkwardly funny it was to be asked if I'm breastfeeding by a nurse who obviously didn't know I no longer have breasts.  As soon as she left the room, Hubby looked at me and said, "I bet I know what you're blogging about today".  

Since I didn't get around to an actual update, I can do that now.  My breast surgeon was pleased.  She said everything looks good and "there is light at the end of the tunnel".  We don't have to go back to see her for three months.  An eternity!  She is referring me for physical therapy to help improve my range of motion on the left side.  I already know PT for the shoulder area is a bitch, so I'm not looking forward to doing it after this kind of surgery.  But, as always, I just keep kicking cancer's ass one day at a time, and this is all part of it.

I'm learning that plastic surgeons are picky, which I suppose is a good thing.  Dr T wants my cancer side incision to have more time to heal.  He's unhappy that I have to have radiation since that makes his job that much harder.  Since, in his opinion, I need more time, he recommended no radiation for 6-8 weeks.  I don't know what the standard protocol is or what risks, if any, there are in waiting that long for rads after surgery.  I do trust his opinion and don't think he would suggest something that would put me at risk, because as his nurse said, while we all want a pleasing cosmetic result, the cancer comes first.

Luckily he is open to monitoring my healing progress with photos via email to save us from making trips to Dallas just so he can "take a look".  Once he judges I've reached the point where he can start doing his thing, we'll have to go back to get started on the reconstruction procedures he can actually do before radiation.  

Next week I have a post-surgery follow-up with my medical oncologist.  I'm not really sure what this appointment is for other than to go over my surgery and keep an eye on how I'm doing.  The next day we will meet with the radiation oncologist.  We'll see what his opinion is on my radiation timeline and hope that it meshes with what Dr T wants.  It's strange to think that I might actually have a few weeks where all I have to do is rest and heal.  I shouldn't have any tests or procedures for a while... knock on wood.

I haven't said it in a while, but thank you to all of my prayer warriors.  I'm lifted up each and every day by your love and support, and it makes this bumpy road just a little bit easier to walk down.

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Lori said...

Love you Michelle, and always praying!