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Monday, April 25, 2011

A weather contradiction

What does it mean when the current weather status is 64 degrees and "thunder/wintry mix"??

Our entire afternoon was messed up thanks to this crazy west Texas weather!  Originally we had just planned to have a nice Easter dinner.  I bought a ham, planned potatoes and veggies & bread, etc.   Then we had talked about maybe seeing a movie, but we never mentioned it to the kids and decided to go play golf instead.

We braved the dark clouds and the ominous thunder for four holes, after which we were sidelined by rain.  We thought to wait out the storm & then continue on (which I was VERY much in favor of after having a birdie on the previous hole!) but when the hail appeared, we figured we'd better book it back to the clubhouse.  Hubby saw a news update inside the clubhouse that mentioned a tornado, so we called it a day.

Thankfully the only hail we had there was about marble-sized, so my brand new car sitting unprotected in the parking lot at the golf course wasn't damaged (that I can see so far).  Unfortunately hubby's truck wasn't so lucky.  We came home to find the hail pictured above, and his truck is sporting the proof on its hood.

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