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Friday, April 29, 2011

Ladies Night!

Last night hubby graciously gave me the evening off so I could have some girl time.  One of my bestest friends came to town and we went to dinner and then a concert.  This is BIG NEWS here in Abilene.  Nothing ever happens in this town, and we never ever get an artist worth seeing in concert.  I think everyone in town (who wasn't at home babysitting!) was there.  I've never seen traffic backed up to the off-ramp of the highway - all people waiting to get IN to the parking lot!  It actually took us longer to get in than it did to get out afterward!

The concert was fabulous.  Josh Kelley (who I'm not familiar with at all) and Justin Moore (who I saw last summer) opened for Miranda Lambert.  She is a terrific entertainer, she sounded great and I really like her music.  Nothing at all to complain about (other than the drunk guy in front of us).  We had an evening filled with girl talk, frozen alcoholic drinks and great entertainment - FUN!

Here's a video of my very favorite Miranda song:
(Please ignore the conversation you can hear - that is the above-mentioned drunk guy ruining my video!)

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