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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Field trip!

Whenever you plan an outdoor activity in the spring here in west Texas, you are pretty much guaranteed a hot and windy day.  Or a cold and windy day.  Today we had the hot variety for  K's preschool class field trip to the Abilene Zoo.  This was her fourth field trip this year.  They also went to the fire station, the farm and the planetarium.  Thankfully all of our field trips are either free or relatively inexpensive.  A friend of mine in Alabama told me that her kids field trips are $10, $20 and even more per kid.   That's crazy, but would you want to be the one parent having to tell your child they can't go?  I think I'll be happy with the $5 and under field trips we have, windy days & all.

Waiting for the zoo presentation to start.

Trying to figure out how to make six legs from their fingers!

Insect antenna!

They got to touch a hissing beetle (gross!), this box turtle (did you know only the males have red eyes?), a red snake and a dwarf rabbit.
The "Swordfish Class" at the zoo!

After meeting some animals and looking at the rest, the most fun of the afternoon was when the girls were rolling down the "mountain" as they put it!
Who knows what they were talking about here!

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