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Friday, April 22, 2011

Free-speaking Friday

First and foremost on my mind today is how thankful I am we finally got some rain this week!  Texas has been ravished by wildfires and over a million acres have been destroyed so far.  I heard on the radio yesterday that most of Texas is in the worst drought in 44 years.  Yikes.  And you wonder why I complain about the wind and 100 degree heat in April!  We had a thunderstorm Wednesday night which probably only dumped enough water (and hail) to make the ground damp but we'll take it.  It takes a lot for this solar-powered lady to appreciate rain, but I am hoping the small rain chance we have the next few days pans out as well.  Right now, though, I am NOT thankful for today's windy and hot (95) forecast.  Ugh.

Aside from the obvious problems our weather has caused this year, one consequence of the severe drought is the noticeable absence of the lovely Texas bluebonnets.  Every year since my children were born I have taken spring pictures in a huge field of bluebonnets.  There was only one other year that the flowers didn't bloom (due to a late freeze or not enough rain or something).  We have to drive past my bluebonnet field on the way to baseball (which we do just about every day) and it's so disappointing to look out at the desolate landscape.  There are so many people who always say they look forward to my pictures in the bluebonnets every year, and I hate that it's not going to happen this spring.

More randomness:
There are two "reality" tv shows that I watch:  American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.  I watch them religiously and I get very invested in the outcome.  Want to know the irony?  I don't vote!!!  Isn't it dumb to get mad (I mean MAD) when the wrong person gets voted off when I don't even vote for my favorite?  Last week one of my favorites was voted off Idol and this week one of my favorites was voted off Dancing.  I don't have a leg to stand on when I complain that America got it wrong, though, because my phone line and email address and texting fingers were apparently on vacation.

Speaking of Idol:  We've already established that I am a country music person so it's no surprise that I am a fan of both Scotty and Lauren.  Ironically I am also a fan of James Durbin who has been known to sing Judas Priest and imitate Hulk Hogan on the show!  Anyway, back to the country peeps... I have no gripes with Lauren.  She's cute and likable and has a beautiful voice.  That girl can flat out sing.  Both she and Scotty are only 16 years old, which is totally amazing.  Scotty, however, has two little quirks that turn me off.  He constantly tilts his head when he sings and it looks so cheesy.  Also, I can't stand the way he holds the microphone.  He holds it like it's a taco or something.  You're a man - grab it and hold onto it and sing into it... don't hold it to your mouth like a piccolo.  As long as I just listen to him without watching him sing I'll be fine.  If he ever puts out a cd, I'd love to listen to it.  Just don't make me watch him perform any of the songs live!  (Incidentally, I found out after I wrote this that on the little "skits" this week where the contestants dissed each other, they were saying the exact same thing about him.  I didn't see it because the thunderstorm knocked out my Fox station for the first half of the show)

I never expected hubby to jump on the reality show bandwagon, but he did.  It cracks me up, though, because he doesn't get into the big ones like Amazing Race, Idol or Survivor.  No, he watches the obscure ones like Pawn Stars and Garage Wars and Operation Repo.  Or my favorite:  Swamp People.  I think these shows bring me back to Wednesday's post about Spongebob.  Occasionally I'll catch a glimpse of one of these shows when I happen to be in the room and I honestly can't understand the draw.  Why it is entertaining to listen to a bunch of uneducated Cajun rednecks and watch them attempt to shoot gators while reading subtitles because you can't understand a word they say is beyond me.  Must be a guy thing.

Happy Friday!

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