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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 393

Just about everyone knows hot flashes are one of the major symptoms of menopause.  I've been dealing with these since last fall when I went into "chemo-pause", so having them now that my surgery threw me into full-blown menopause isn't much different.  It's too bad I can't have them on cue, though.  See... I work in Hubby's office.  I also sleep with Hubby.  Hubby likes his room temperature one degree above freezing.  We have an ongoing battle between us over the thermostat.  He walks down the hall & turns the temp down, I walk by a few minutes later and turn it up.  Most of the time Hubby wins.

Needless to say, unless I'm having a hot flash, I'm usually always cold - at work AND at home.  I'm the person you see bringing a sweatshirt to the movies in July.  Why is it that the hot flashes only come when I'm already hot?  Why not when I'm having to turn my little heater on in the office or stealing the covers from Hubby at night?

Amen, sister!

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