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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 392

As stressful and hectic as my day of traveling to New York was on Saturday, today coming back to Texas was practically uneventful.  Other than a fifteen minute delay in leaving Dallas, everything was on time.  No missed connections or re-ticketing or running through the airport.  I did have restless legs on my longest flight (from Philly to DFW), which was annoying.  It's really good to be home.  I missed Hubby and the kids, and while I loved seeing everyone up there, it was a crazy busy stressful trip with no down time.  Hopefully next time I visit I can actually go just for a visit and not to drive all over the place trying to get Dad's affairs in order!

It really did my heart good to spend time with Dad, and yesterday was a really, really good day for him.  God is good!

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