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Friday, September 12, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 380

To my Hubby,

I could search for a hundred years and never find adequate words to describe what you are to me.  As a couple we have faced huge obstacles and tribulations in the last fourteen years, and together we still stand strong.  We don't always agree, and sometimes we can't even find a way to agree to disagree, but you are and always will be the most important person in my life.  We are blessed.

When I am at my lowest, you hold me up.  When I am at my breaking point, you ease my burden.  When I am hanging on by a thread, you talk me down from the ledge.  I know I have laid (and keep laying) incredibly heavy burdens on your shoulders, and probably take for granted that you can carry them.  You haven't let me down even once.  

In sickness and in health, for better or for worse, you stand beside me and that means more than you could ever know.  I love you.

To my readers...yes, I realize I should save this post for another month when Hubby and I will celebrate our anniversary, but sometimes the words just have to come out.  

Also, there is a story behind the couple in that picture.
A month ago, Hubby was in the waiting room while I had my surgery and a man sat down next to Hubby and started talking to him.  Hubby told him a little about me & what we were there for.  A while later, that man came up and handed Hubby a gift bag for me.  In it was this Willow Tree Angel couple.  I love Willow Tree angels, and I love Hubby, so this was a perfect gift.  Why from a perfect stranger?  I don't know.  
(I secretly think Hubby made up the whole story and bought it for me himself, but he denies that.)  
Hubby had to go down to get something out of the car and this same man was in the parking lot next to his vehicle, which was sporting a tire with something really wrong with it.  Hubby came back in our room to get his wallet, saying he had to "go buy a man a tire".  Is it any wonder why I love him???

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