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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 371

Today was an exciting day for J.  Yes, it was just a Wednesday, and yes, he had school and football practice.  That's not what made it exciting, though.  A few months ago there was a reporter from the newspaper at the Open House for J's model railroad club.  She became very interested in J since he doesn't exactly fit in with the model railroad club demographic.  He is by far the youngest member of the Abilene club and the only "kid" to participate other than the visitors they get from time to time.  She asked him some questions and then asked if she could contact us to do an interview with him.  She never came back to train club and I never heard from her, so we figured the story got nixed.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when Hubby and J were at train club.  This same reporter showed up and began an interview with J and took pictures of him there.  She talked to Hubby and asked if it would be ok to for her to come to our house and talk to Jared in his own environment and see what he's working on with his own trains, etc.  She came this evening and spent an hour talking with J, taking some video, asked him a ton of questions and even walked out to see the shed in progress where J will eventually build his own train layout.

I could tell J was nervous, but he did SO GREAT.  Better than I would have.  He was calm and answered her questions in complete sentences and really made model trains sound so interesting!

My favorite part was when she asked him how he knows so much about trains.
His answer? "Years of experience!"

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