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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 382

Friday night Hubby and I had a date.  We went out for pizza and then braved the chilly, misty evening to cheer on the local high school football team.  The pizza was fantastic, the company even better.  Unfortunately the football game didn't go our way.

Saturday morning dawned gray and cool....not exactly softball weather, but we bundled up and headed out to K's tournament.  Her team played four games Saturday - won two and lost two, which meant they were still in it on Sunday.  Her team rallied from being down 7-0 to winning  the first game 9-7, so they made it to the semifinal game.  Too many mistakes cost us, so we fell one game short, but I'm so proud of this group of little girls who have made me love softball more than I ever thought I would.  

We are now all completely exhausted and fighting to keep our eyes open while we watch the Dallas Cowboys. game.  Looks like we'll have another busy week with two softball games, a 7th grade football game and then the high school football game on Friday.

Have I mentioned that I love sports?!?!

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