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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 483

This is a copy of the Christmas letter I sent out this year.  Maybe not an exact copy, because I can write as much as I want on here instead of trying to cram it on one sheet of paper to mail!

Anyway, as the Norwegians say, Merry Little Christmas (or if you're American, Merry Christmas Eve)!

Christmas greetings from the Burlesons.

It’s a typical Sunday evening (actually now it's Wednesday) in our house. Jared is in his room probably watching Netflix or playing Minecraft (when he should be doing homework!). (Ok, ok, it's Christmas break and he probably doesn't have homework.) If he can’t do it on a screen, he’s not interested unless it comes with LEGOs or a train (or both). Kelsie is wandering around begging someone to play a board game, and Mom and Dad are refusing because, hey, the Cowboys are on (they won!)!

What’s new in our lives? A whole lot of the same old, same old. Boyd is as busy as ever at work, which is stressful for him but good for Michelle’s bank account! He “retired” from coaching (softball & football), so he’s enjoying  being their number one fan at the kids’ games.  (What I should have put in my letter is that Boyd continues to me the best support system Michelle could ask for.  He's an amazing partner, friend, husband, nurse, father, errand-runner, etc.  I'd be completely lost without him.)

Michelle completed radiation treatment (six and a half weeks of daily treatments!!) and several surgeries this year and she is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with this pesky cancer business. (She has a few less body parts, more scars and a lot more side effects, but she's HERE!) She enjoyed a long weekend in Las Vegas this fall with women she met online who all underwent chemo at the same time.  (We call ourselves the KCA crew - Kicking Cancer's Ass!) She is busy doing the “mom” thing, as well as working part-time for her hubby. You can keep up with her/us online at: http://www.michellesneighborhood.blogspot.com  (Obviously you know this if you're reading my blog today.)
Jared played 7th grade football as well as trombone in the junior high band this year. (He is second chair in band, and first chair is an 8th grader!)  At 13, he is the youngest member of the local model railroad club. The newspaper even did an article on him! Kelsie still plays softball for the Lady Diamonds, and is trying basketball for the first time. Both kids continue to do very well in school, but it takes an act of congress for them to clean their rooms or hang up their towels! (What's up with kids and their priorities?  They'd rather play or something.  Sheesh)
Please include Michelle’s parents in your prayers. Her mom Gail started chemo for colon cancer this month, and her dad Herb is recovering from a heart attack and stroke. Herb is making amazing progress (he went home earlier this month after more than a month in the hospital and three months in a rehab facility!) and Gail is taking chemo in stride (with some tips from yours truly!), but they both have a long road ahead of them.  (I just have to say, this family is getting a little tired of these "long roads" ahead of us!  I want some smooth sailing!)

2015 will be another busy one, with more
(minor) surgery for Michelle, more work for Boyd, normal kid stuff and even a wedding! Justin and Meagan are getting married in the fall! 
Our family has had its share of ups & downs, but as always we fill our home with love, laughter & faith.
 (And chocolate)
Merry Christmas from Boyd, Michelle, Jared & Kelsie!

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