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Monday, December 22, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 481

This whole Elf on the Shelf thing?  Not sure I'm a fan.  Our elf is tired.  And she's kind of a boring elf... if you look around online, you'll see all sorts of creative elves.  Heart is cute, and she loves us, but she's not all wild and crazy.  She's not toilet-papering our tree (although she did that last year).  She's not pooping out chocolate chips or taking a marshmallow bath or fishing in the toilet.

Yesterday morning we woke up to find her reading Twas the Night Before Christmas to K's squinkies.  This morning we found her here:

The main reason I'm not a fan, though, is that keeping Heart is on K's Christmas list.  In fact, she tells Santa that it's what she wants more than anything else.  And this girl has some serious ideas when it comes to asking for gifts:  touch screen computer, Barbies, an iPhone, a puppy and/or a kitten.  Heart must rate pretty darn high to be what she wants most.

I wonder how Santa will handle this particular request.

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Anonymous said...

The magic of Heart is that she only visits for a short time each year. Elves need to stay with the other elves the rest of the year to help Santa prepare for Christmas. It wouldn't be fair to all the other elves if they all had to work extra hard while Heart was goofing off with her human. :)