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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 466

Will someone please explain to me how I managed to pull off Christmas last year?  I know it was kind of a blur, and maybe I don't remember thanks to chemo brain, but really, after eight rounds of chemotherapy (I finished Dec 5), how on earth did I do Christmas cards, all the decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking, etc?  

I am a month out of surgery and this is what I have so far for this Christmas (seven days into December):

I do have quite a bit of my shopping done (thank you, Amazon), but still.  I am down with a bad cold right now, so that is zapping what little energy I have anyway.  I had planned to spend today decorating our tree.  We managed to get it inside the house.  

I keep waiting for the day when I don't feel like everything requires monumental effort.

As I keep saying...baby steps.

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