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Friday, December 19, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 478

There's a holiday tradition that is going by the wayside and it makes me sad - Christmas cards.  I know in this day and age of modern technology, keeping in touch is as easy as ever.  People keep up with each other with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texting, etc.  So I suppose the need to reach out to your loved ones with a Christmas card is practically null and void these days.  

But who doesn't like getting something like this in the mail??

Christmas cards are beautiful.  (Hint - if you send me a really pretty one it will hang in my house year after year)  It's always fun to get mail.  If you're like me, most of the mail you normally get is bills and junk.  Christmas is the one time of year that there's actually more good mail!  Christmas cards are like a little nudge - "hey, I'm thinking of you".  

There is less than a week until Christmas and we've only received a fraction of the cards we usually do.  I get it.  People are busy.  Postage is expensive.  Writing out cards is time-consuming.  Plus, as I said, we keep up with everyone all year long, so what's the point?

The point is, I like getting Christmas cards.  Don't give up!  Most people may not appreciate them, but I absolutely do.

P.S. - Five more shopping days until Christmas!

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