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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 316

Some things I love about being in New York:

  • my mom
  • my dad
  • NY pizza
  • Lox of Bagels
  • July Fourth
  • tall, green trees
  • walking barefoot in the grass
  • Jolly Cow ice cream
  • no schedule to follow (most days)
  • COLD water to brush my teeth
  • having a neighborhood to walk in
  • winding, hilly mountain roads that are fun to drive on (makes me miss my MR2!!)
  • diners!
  • Krause's Candy
Some things I do not love about being in New York:
  • being away from my hubby
  • rain (I know that's almost sacrilegious for someone living in Texas to say, but I have been here nine days and it has rained seven of them!)
  • slow drivers
  • spotty cell phone service
  • no sweet tea (thank God for Sonic and McDs!)
  • being without my own car (and my own tunes)
  • ONE country music station that is static-filled most of the time
  • missing my BFF and her kids this year

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