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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 399

It's October.  You know what that means.  Pink everywhere.  Are you aware of breast cancer?  I'm pretty sure you are.  I know for damn sure I am!  Many, many breast cancer survivors have negative feelings towards breast cancer awareness month.  In a way, I get it.  I mean, who isn't aware of breast cancer?  And most of the pink ribbon stuff you see is just a gimmick - people making money off of it instead of "supporting the cause".  

However, because I am so aware of breast cancer, the whole "Pinktober" thing doesn't bother me.  In a way, I kind of embrace it.  Breast cancer has changed my life.  Both of my grandmothers and my Hubby's mom died from this awful disease.  My best friend, my best friend's mom, my sister-in-law... they are all survivors, too.  In a couple of weeks I am going to Las Vegas to meet a group of women who were in the trenches with me this time last year, and have all come out the other side.  We even had shirts made, and the back says "Friends don't let friends fight cancer alone."  I don't make it my mission to advertise that I had cancer, and I don't really think breast cancer awareness is the problem.  Breast cancer is the problem.  

I don't wear pink to make people aware.  I don't wear my pink ribbon necklace so people will know I had breast cancer.  I support "the cause", because in turn, I'm supporting the women who have been and are right there with me.  Fighting cancer is a big, huge deal, and every day that I wake up breathing and smiling is a big fat "f-you" to cancer.  And that's worth wearing pink for! 

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