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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 420

Today marks another milestone in the kicking cancer's ass journey:  my first post-chemo haircut.  I feel so brave.  Anyone who has been bald for any length of time knows that you are grateful to have any hair again once it grows back.  Even though my hair is super short, super curly, mostly gray and not at all "me", I'm so grateful to not be wearing wigs and hats like I was this time last year.  After losing my hair, I confess that it was extremely difficult to part with any of it now that it's back...even this tiny bird's nest that was trimmed today:

I'm so thankful for my friend T who not only gave me a great trim, but she came to my house to do it!  How many of you have a hairdresser that makes house calls?  She is sweet and funny and fun, and it's a bonus that she has talent working with my impossible hair.  I still have the look of a little old lady with an 80's perm, but at least I can sort of tame the front, and I really like the end result.

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