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Monday, October 20, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 418

Every Sunday the ladies in my Facebook group "KCA Strong" take pictures and post these as "Sunday Selfies".  It started out months ago as a way to compare and encourage each other's hair re-growth.  We continue the tradition because I think we're all still wishing for longer hair, plus it's a fun way to keep "seeing" each other.  One of the Sunday selfies this week showed one of my friends after she finished the Susan G. Komen 3-Day this past weekend.

Two years ago I looked into doing this.  It sounds crazy - walking sixty miles (yes, 60) in three days, and camping in tents at night.  I was inspired by my BFF's breast cancer diagnosis that year, though, and wanted to do something to make a difference.  Two things kept me from signing up.  Sixty miles is a long freaking walk, and I don't know of anyone who would do it with me.  Also, many people are not fans of the Susan G. Komen organization (myself included) because of the way it distributes its money.  For a "charity" that brings in millions, only a fraction of that goes to breast cancer research.  Most of it goes right back into the pink "campaign" or even worse, to pad executives pockets.

After seeing my friend's pictures of her weekend in Atlanta, I really, really want to do this next year.  Not because I want to support Susan G. Komen.  Because I want to support me.  I want to support the other women who have faced this beast.  I want to set a seemingly impossible goal and have something to work toward.  I saw the video my KCA friend posted of herself walking through the crowd with all of the other survivors and I had tears in my eyes.  If I find it that touching to watch someone I've never even met walk, how would I feel actually doing it?  I want to find out.

Susan G Komen 3-Day - Dallas, TX - November 6-8, 2015

Anyone crazy enough to do it with me?

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