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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kicking cancer's ass - day 412

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... But I had such a fabulous weekend that I'm going to share with you.

My friend K and I flew to Vegas on Saturday (which was an adventure in and of itself - and not in a good way).  My KCA sisters (ladies I met on breastcancer.org who all went through chemo the same time as me last fall) planned this weekend as kind of a "one year later" celebration. 

There were eight of us who visited from all over the country, all different ages and lifestyles, but all sharing the same diagnosis.  We all kicked cancer's ass and have the t-shirt to prove it!

K is from the Pacific Northwest and was instrumental in creating our itinerary, making dinner reservations and providing much appreciate taxi service in her rental car.

P is from Minnesota and is extremely energetic, extremely funny and shared some great post-cancer dating stories. Go P!!

V is from Chicago. She and her husband made the trip (we never saw him) and she is extremely nice. Unfortunately she received some bad news while we were there and they had to leave unexpectedly. I'm keeping her and her family in my prayers.

K is a firefighter, a mom and so tall, thin and graceful that I felt short and frumpy next to her! She's shy, caring and is my chemo hair twin.

G is my fellow Texan in the group.  I've met her before and really enjoyed seeing her again. She's older than me, has more kids than me, and is a grandmother, and she can rock a bikini!!

K is the most "seasoned" of our group, but man, she is a youthful 62!  She is so pleasant to be around, and her husband is the perfect travel companion. He was also the designated photographer. They made a camping road trip out of this vacation, driving from Tennessee to Vegas and back. Safe travels!

A was the local, having lived in Vegas for over twenty years. She is exactly my age, has two kids (we met her daughter, what a sweetheart) and works room service at one of the hotels! I'm so grateful for her willingness to shuttle me around when I needed rides - and for sharing her 99 cent fan. She's also a Cowboys fan, so lots to like there!

Some random observations:

- Spa days are wonderful
- A trip is not complete without a visit to Urgent Care (K was stung by a bee and she's allergic)
- Bahama Breeze serves one heck of a strawberry daquiri.  I'm not a fan of yucca fries, though. Yuck indeed!
- Front row seats to the Cirque de Soleil Love show were amazing!  I swear, though, the person who created that show must have been stoned at the time. It was amazing and bizarre and entertaining and funny and so OUT THERE I wouldn't even begin to know how to describe it.
- There are still good people in this world. P lost her phone while hiking yesterday, and when she got home to Minnesota today she had a message that it was found and turned in!
- I am not a fan of American Airlines after this trip
- My friend K really knows how to liven up a blackjack table
- Watching the Cowboys win on Sunday with my brother after a peppermint foot massage and a phone call from our dad made for a pretty spectacular day.

We've already picked a weekend to do this all again next year, and I hope even more of our group can make it.

What a wonderful weekend.  Kicking cancer's ass indeed!

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