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Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today my daughter turns five years old.  I can't even believe it.  While it seems like eons ago that she was born, it does not seem like she could possibly be five.  K truly is a precious not-so-little girl.  She is smart and funny and sensitive and curious and so, so loving.  She never has a bad word to say about anyone and she is very loyal and caring.  She loves her family, she loves her friends, she loves princesses, ponies and every single stuffed animal she's ever had.

Her party today at Pony Pal Stables was a huge success.  We had about ten kids, which was plenty.  They each were able to ride the horse several times, we went on a hayride (much to J's dismay because he is allergic to hay) and they even had a little train (pulled by a tractor) that the kids rode.  So much fun.  The horse-decorated cake was a huge hit - very pretty and delicious!  K was very blessed with a ton of fun presents that she loves.  I can honestly say we won't have to use any of the gift receipts!

After a birthday lunch at Red Robin (K's choice, of course), hubby spent the afternoon mowing the grass and I worked on cleaning the pool/deck furniture.  A few hours lounging by the pool nursing a cold beer and now I am very pleasantly tired!

 Good morning birthday girl!

 When did you get to be so grown up???

I also want to say Happy Memorial Day.  I'm thankful for my freedom, and grateful to those who serve and who have paid the ultimate price for that freedom.  All gave some, some gave all.

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