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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free-speaking Friday

Keeping up with a blog while my kids are home for summer vacation AND my mom is here visiting is next to impossible! (which is why I'm writing Friday's post on Thursday)

I did not inherit my father's great bowler genes.  My first game today I barely broke 100.  Luckily none of the kids beat me, but it was close.  I think Mom and I were neck-in-neck on who had the most gutterballs.

I hate wind.

There are WAY too many books in this world that I want to read.  I could sit around all day every day for the next three years and not even make a dent.  How can I possibly keep up when I only get an hour to read each night before bed?

Three thousand miles later, I still love my new car!

I hate bugs.  After stepping on a scorpion last week, I was very thankful that the bug guy came today.  Mr Pest Patrol must have done a serious job because bugs and spiders are crawling out of the woodwork.  Mom just came out of the bathroom while brushing her teeth, saying, "There is a very scary bug in here." 

I'm thankful that I sold some of J's toys after cleaning his room, because that money has kept me and my kids busy this week with all of the activities we've done.  Eating out just about every day, golf, movies, bowling, birthday party, etc... this has been an expensive week!

I hope and pray that J makes a nice new friend next year.  His best bud (also a J) spent the afternoon with us today and it makes my heart happy to see my guy having so much fun.  Unfortunately J's family is military and they are moving next week. 

My daughter = drama queen!

I'm grateful for my hubby who keeps our pool in swimming shape all season.  When it's 100 degrees every day in early June, what else is there to do besides lounge out by the pool and swim???

Speaking of hubby... a few weeks ago he bit the bullet and decided to try electronic cigarettes.  He has smoked since he was a teenager and he tried to quit a couple of times since I met him.  I am SO PROUD of him for giving up his vice.  While the electronic ones are still "smoking" because there is some nicotine involved, there is zero tobacco and only fake "smoke", while still giving him the smoking sensation.  Keep up the good work, hubby, so you can be healthier and grow old, old, old with me!!!

TGIF everyone!


Heather said...

Great news about the electronic cigarette! I wonder if my hubby would try that? TGIF!!! Hope you are having a good time with your mom =)

Michelle said...

Heather, my hubby said it tastes just like his regular smokes... the only thing he had to get used to was that it felt "heavier" than a cigarette. If you buy the refills online it's cheaper then a pack of cigs, too!