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Friday, May 27, 2011

Free-speaking Friday!

Hubby informed me yesterday that I have gone almost an entire week with no blog posts.  Shame on me! 

In my defense, life has been a bit hectic with the last week of school, baseball games, t-ball closing ceremonies, and my impulse spring cleaning that had me doing a total overhaul in J's room over the weekend and in K's room the last few days.  By "total overhaul" I mean moving everything, cleaning everything, getting rid of everything (well, not really, but close!).   Do you have any idea how much crap two kids accumulate?  Yikes.  K is pretty good about playing with most of her toys, but J is pretty much a two act wonder now.  LEGOs and video games are his entire focus these days.  So why did he have an overflowing toybox, a closet FULL of toys, some of which he'd outgrown years ago, etc???  He doesn't any longer.  Now he just has a Mt. Everest of containers and boxes in his room waiting to be packed up and/or sold.

Which brings me to my next rambling.  Craigslist.  If you've ever bought or sold anything used online, then you have probably used, or at least heard of, craigslist.org.  It can be wonderful.  One can certainly find hidden treasures on there for far less money than buying something new in the store, and it's a terrific way to unload all of that "stuff" you have laying around.  One man's junk is another man's treasure and all that.  Unfortunately not everyone is a serious craigslist shopper.  I posted two different ads this week listing boys toys I have for sale.  I can't even tell you how many inquiries I had, most of which led to people backing out, changing their mind or flat out not showing up when they were supposed to.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  A lot of people tend to relax over holiday weekends.  Not us, at least not this weekend!  Tomorrow Grammie arrives for her biannual visit from New York.  My kids are SO excited.  The first thing K said this morning was "Guess who comes tomorrow?".  Hopefully her flights will all be on time with no problems (which is probably asking a lot).  She's due to arrive at 1:15, and J has his last baseball game of the season at 4pm.  We're fortunate that she will (knock on wood) be here for it.  Unfortunately it's going to be hot.  I don't mean hot, but HOT!  Right now my thermometer says 106 degrees in the shade, and it's supposed to be the same tomorrow.  I don't even want to be outside in that weather unless I'm in the swimming pool, let alone playing baseball!  Poor boys.  After his game one of his teammates had his family volunteer to host a team party at the country club pool.  I've never been there, but it seems like a fun time for the guys.  Sunday is relatively free at this point, but Monday is K's fifth birthday!  We are having her party at Pony Pals Stables and she is so excited. 

Today is J's last day of school, so next week is also the start of summer b-cation (as K calls it).  We don't have any set plans after her birthday, but I'm sure we'll find plenty to keep us busy with Grammie here.

 The pool is open for business!!!
K getting her t-ball trophy at the team party last night.  Go #12!

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