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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The end of an era...

Beltway Park Baptist Church has been a part of our lives for seven years.  When J was two years old he started going to their "Mother's Day Out" (preschool) and continued to do so for three years until he started Kindergarten.  K was just a baby when she made her debut there.  She was so lonely at home without J when he was in school full-time.  When she was just over a year old I signed her up to attend one day a week.  She is now completing her fourth year at Beltway!

Today, in honor of K's last day of preschool (and my last "free" day before summer vacation), hubby took the day off and we had a golf date.  It was hot and windy, but we both played fairly well (he played better than me...grrrr) and had a great time.  The course was empty and we played a really quick round, so we even had time to bring home lunch before it was time to get K.

Her last day of school was filled with all kinds of fun things including cupcakes and a pizza party and bounce houses.  They had a graduation tonight to celebrate the three older classes that are completing preschool and heading off to kindergarten next year.   They performed a few songs, recited a poem and each received a "diploma".

Today was also a great day for J.  His school had an awards ceremony where they honored students for accomplishments such as good grades, perfect attendance and meeting their reading goals.  J received an Academic Excellence t-shirt for having a 95% or above average for the whole school year, and also received an A-Honor Roll certificate for making the honor roll every six weeks of the year.  I am so proud of him!  (He missed the perfect attendance award because he missed ONE day the whole school year!)

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