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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Should've been a Cowboy

Do you know who "The Manster" is? 
If you're not a Dallas Cowboys fan, or haven't been one for a long time, then probably not.  Randy White (#54) played for the Cowboys in the late 70s and 80s when they went to three Super Bowls.  He was labeled "The Manster" because someone told him he was half man/half monster, thanks to his off-the-field gentleman-ness and his on-the-field fierceness.

Last night hubby and I had a date at the country club.  Yeah, we're that type of people.  Ha - not really.  Someone hubby knows through work sponsors a table and invited us to go.  There is a foundation here (Zac Robinson Memorial) that holds an annual golf tournament/clay shoot/auction & concert and we've attended the VIP party the last past two years.  This year was a hundred percent better than last year!  Johnny Bench was the guest speaker last year and he was the highlight for sure.  He was funny and personable and made the evening quite enjoyable.  Unfortunately the atmosphere was stuffy and the food was awful.  This year's banquet was a complete 180 from that.  It felt more laid-back, the food was actually quite good - last year all hubby and I ate were the mashed potatoes served in martini glasses - and the guest speaker was the icing on the cake.  Mr. Manster himself - Randy White.

Since hubby and I have both been lifelong Cowboys fans and are completely in love with the game of football, this night was such a treat.  We sat at a table with eight other people, most of whom are close friends.  We dined on salad, roasted potatoes & vegetables, prime rib and chocolate cake & pie.  Randy White was so down-to-earth and funny and entertaining.  He didn't get up there and start spouting off some speech he'd rehearsed.  He pretty much stood there & said he didn't know what to talk about so how about we ask him questions and he'll go from there.  He spoke for over an hour about everything under the sun, from the glory days playing for the Cowboys to what a mentor Coach Tom Landry was to the current situation in the NFL with the lockout.

If you're not a Cowboys fan, or even a football fan, your eyes probably would have glazed over, but for those of us that are, we could have listened to him all night.  And I think he would have talked all night, too, if they hadn't cut him off to finish signing autographs!!  We ended the evening with hubby winning several silent auction items (signed football memorabilia), one of which was a full-sized Cowboys helmet that we were able to have Randy White autograph.  There was a professional photographer in attendance who took our picture with Randy White before we left. 

I snapped these photos on my cell phone while waiting in the autograph line.

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