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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 609

I've said it before - cancer is the gift that keeps on giving.  Even though I'm finished with "treatment", the appointments, tests, procedures and surgeries continue.  It's been almost two weeks since my "revision" surgery.  Did you know that having liposuction on your thighs would make your foot look like this?

Lipo not only sucks the fat from your body, it sucks the energy, too.  I have been SO TIRED the last two weeks.  I can sleep all night and still need a nap by 10am.  This morning I went back to bed after the kids left for school and the roofers didn't even wake me up!  (I did have a little help from my friend Percocet thanks to a migraine, but still)

Anyone who chooses to do plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, I'll just put it out there - you're nuts!  

Sorry for the graphic pictures, but they give you an idea of what my body is trying to recover from.  In order to "fix" some issues from my reconstruction surgery in November, I had "fat grafting", which means they take fat from other parts of your body and use it to make your "foobs" look better.  The first picture is my leg a couple of days after surgery.  The second picture is my leg today.  Thirteen days later, I'm still black and blue.  Luckily the swelling has gone down quite a bit, except it has migrated to my left ankle and foot (as evidenced by the top picture).  

The bruising, swelling and internal bleeding in my legs has aggravated my restless legs syndrome.  I have it every night, worse than ever, and sometimes during the day.  Neither of the prescriptions I have for it help much at all.  I can only hope that once my legs heal this crap will stop!

Aren't you jealous of all of the fun I'm having?

Since life isn't all about me, let's talk about my mom.  She was in the hospital last week after her latest chemo treatment knocked her way down.  She had no appetite, no energy, nausea, fatigue... all of the stuff that comes with chemo.  She is doing better (and thankfully her doctor put her next treatment off for another week), but still not near 100%.  Prayers please, for her continued healing and strength before her next one.

Since the roofers didn't make enough noise for my headache, I went to the junior high band concert today, too.  Thankfully I love listening to my boy play.  He enjoys playing the trombone in band so much, it's wonderful to see him enthusiastic about something other than a video game!  Here we are after his concert:

Now it's time to gear up for more softball.  We have a game tonight and a tournament that starts tomorrow.  Never a dull moment!

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