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Friday, April 10, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 589

It's 12:24am and I can't sleep, so I guess that makes this an Insomniac Blogging post.

Tonight my restless legs syndrome is acting up really bad.  I can't sit still, let alone lay down long enough to go to sleep, even though I'm so tired!  I've tried two different medications tonight, and just now doubled up on one of them.  Hopefully soon my muscles will chill out enough for me to fall asleep.

As a sports-loving mom, there's nothing better than watching my kids play.  I've always loved football and I'm so glad my son does, too.  It's an added bonus that I get to look forward to his school football games in addition to watching my Cowboys and our Wylie Bulldogs.  What surprises me, though, is how much I love softball.  Watching K play, coaching her team, helping out on the board of our league.... it's so time consuming and exhausting but I truly enjoy every minute of it.  Now that Hubby is coaching our team, it's a family affair.  He has a soft spot for those girls, and watching him with them melts my heart.

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