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Monday, March 16, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 564

Tomorrow is Mom's seventh chemo treatment.  After that one she'll be able to count down on one hand.  She'll be beyond the halfway point.  She'll have less to go than how many she's already had.  You get the idea.

Mom has been a real trooper.  She's remained a positive ray of sunshine through one of her darkest storms.  I know it's not a picnic for her, but she just keeps going.

Dad is back in the hospital.  He's having a lot of problems with his legs swelling, and also a rash.  The rash now covers 2/3 of his extremities, and his legs are painfully swollen and hindering his ability to walk.  The doctors thought they had eliminated the medications they thought were causing it, but after a week or so of improvement, things are worse than ever.  So please pray that Dad gets some relief and that the doctors are able to figure out what is causing his problems.  It's difficult enough to try to recover from a stroke without these kinds of setbacks!

Since I'm asking for prayers, let me throw my brother in, too.  Without going into details, let me say that he has worked himself to exhaustion the past few years and he is going through a rough time.  He needs some peace, and some uplifting, and maybe a small miracle of his own.

Such a small family, and yet so many struggles.

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