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Friday, June 17, 2011

A new era

As with most almost 10-year-old boys, my son spends too much time playing video games.  I already knew this, but it was reinforced at his eye doctor appointment last week.  I've noticed that when he watches tv, he puts his fingers up to the outside corners of his eyes, and I had asked him if it helped him see better.  He never really would admit to it, he just said "it's more comfortable." 

At his eye doctor appointment, the exam proved that his vision is excellent - at arm's length (the perfect Nintendo DS-playing length).  Anything closer or farther and his vision is blurry.  The eye doc seemed to think his eyes were just "locked up" from playing too many games and reading, and that, if given a rest for a while, his eyesight will return to normal, or at least improve.  So now my handsome young man is sporting bifocals that will do the focusing for him and give his tired eyes a break.  He picked out sharp-looking blue metal frames and I think he looks great!  (Now his sister is upset that she's the only one in our family who doesn't wear glasses, despite me telling her that is a GOOD thing!)

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