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Friday, September 18, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 749

Last night I should have written an Insomniac Blogging post...  I was up until 2am.  I did have a long "nap" earlier in the evening, but waking up at 6:15 this morning was not fun. I did get a lot of work done in the wee hours, but I'm paying for it today. .  

There seems to be a pattern I've developed where I can go about my business as usual for a while...going to work, dealing with softball league business, being wife and mom... until I hit a wall.  Yesterday I hit that wall.  I was sitting on the couch when Hubby came home from work and could hardly keep my eyes open.  (Ok, ok, I was sleeping.)  I told him I was going to lie down for an hour.... and woke up four hours later.  

I don't know if this recurring fatigue can be blamed on the medicine I have to take, or the fact that I'm in menopause at 42 years old, or just due to everything I've been through since d-day.  It's not going to get better anytime soon because I'm scheduled for another surgery next Friday.  That will be surgery number seven in the last 25 months.  Some have been pretty major, some have been "minor".  This one is supposed to fall in the latter category, but I've learned not to expect things to go as planned.  One thing cancer isn't is predictable.  

I'm hopeful that this will be the last THING I have to do, other than routine tests and appointments.  After next week I hope I don't need any more surgeries or procedures, at least for a while!  Months of treatment, more surgeries than you can count on one hand and two years of stress have made me so tired.  Being tired (among other things) has made me fat, and I'm more than ready to look and feel like myself again. 

Last, but definitely not least, September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.  Before all of the hype of "Pink-tober" next month, take a minute to pray for the women affected by this silent killer.  Ovarian cancer is the monster that took my friend Allyson way too soon.  If you can, donate to a worthy cause...

Ally's Wish is the brainchild of Allyson's friends who took their love for her and turned it into a wonderful organization that has helped moms all over the country.  These friends were touched by Allyson and her story, and made it their mission to grant wishes to women - moms - with terminal illnesses.  Allyson's wish was to have her blog published for her family.  I'm happy to say that book is available at Allyswish.org.  Buy it.  And wear turquoise.  For Allyson.

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