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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 630

Yesterday my blog post was about being forgetful and unorganized which interferes with my OCD-perfectionist tendencies.

I'm happy to say that I had a very productive day.  It took a lot of focus and more than once I would sit down to work on something and then pop up five minutes later to get a drink, check the weather, start something else.  I feel good, though, that I managed to do four loads of laundry and wade through a mountain of softball paperwork.  I sorted everything, boxed & labeled the files, and printed out sponsorship acknowledgment letters for everyone who donated this season.  And thanks to my quick trip to Sam's, I'm close to my 10,000 steps today even though I spent most of the day at my computer.  Oh, and I cooked dinner!  Those of you who are familiar with the softball lifestyle, you know home-cooked meals are few and far between, especially in the spring.

More good news from yesterday:  Mom checked off another chemo treatment, leaving only ONE LEFT!  Thank God.  Her doctor lowered her dose for these last few and she is doing so much better.  Thank you to everyone for the prayers.

Last, here's a pic of my smiling, handsome son receiving his award for earning over 300 accelerated reading points this year.  He may not touch a book at home, but he's a reading fiend at school!

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