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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 635

Let's talk medicine...

Before cancer, I had one prescription. One.
And it wasn't even a daily medication.  Just as needed for headaches.
Now this is part of my morning routine:

That may not look terrible to you, but for someone who abhors taking pills, it's a nightmare.  I have to have about five gulps of water to swallow each pill.  I hate swallowing pills!  And water still tastes gross to me (thank you, chemo), so drinking a bottle of water to take my pills just makes everything worse!

I also have three pills I take at night.  And you know what makes all of this even more frustrating?  Some of the pills I take, I have to take to combat the side effects of the other pills I take!  It's like a never-ending cycle.  One pill makes me sick?  Take a nausea pill.  One pill gives me restless legs?  Take a restless legs pill.  God forbid I get a headache, too, and have to add yet another medicine or two to the mix.

I used to tease Hubby about all of his prescriptions. 
That teasing is coming back to bite me now.

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