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Friday, February 27, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 548

My kids had a snow day today.  That's quite an unusual event in west Texas.  
This was their third snow day this week.  That is extraordinary!

I had a six month checkup with Dr Au the other day.  He seemed rather surprised that I haven't had any scans done in about a year.  Dr H said he won't order any unless I really want one, or if I'm symptomatic.  Dr Au said that was a valid point of view, but I still get the feeling that he'd like to see some imaging.  In a way, so would I.  It would be nice to have peace of mind and hear "all clear".  

I have two more checkups next week.  Tuesday we go to Dallas to see Dr K.  That's the fun "female doctor" appointment.  Then we see Dr H on Wednesday.  That's the fun "wait forever" appointment.  Lots of fun on the horizon.  I am curious as to what my labs will show.  I've felt better lately, so hopefully my anemia has been resolved.  The iron infusions made me feel awful, so I don't want to have any more!

Today's good news:  Mom went to the doctor and her counts are good - all systems go for next chemo on Tuesday.  After that she will be halfway through her treatment.  Atta girl, Mom!

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