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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Kicking cancer's ass - day 1374

For one thousand three hundred ninety-nine days, I have been a survivor.
(my blog counter started on chemo day, not d-day)

I have felt (and looked!) the worst I've ever felt, and I have been the most grateful I've ever been.
My hubby has seen sides of me I wish he never had to, and I've seen sides of him that I'm incredibly grateful for.
 I've had amazing doctors, top-notch care and the most extensive treatment I could have.
I've made friends that I never would have met, except we shared this same awful diagnosis.  They bless my life daily, and inspire me with their fight and their resilience.
I've learned to appreciate everything, because every birthday, every Christmas, every anniversary.... they are all bonuses.  

Today is the day the world celebrates cancer survivors.
That's me.

 🎗🎗Happy Survivors Day🎗🎗

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