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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Kicking cancer's ass - day 1377

If you have never watched college softball, you are missing out.  Hubby and I were fortunate enough to take K and her friend N to the NCAA Womens College World Series this year.  We spent five days in Oklahoma City in softball heaven.

We had tickets to every game (all ten sessions!), sat through unbearable heat, a downpour and some absolutely perfect softball weather.  We met some really fun fans, were able to see some of the Baylor players (the girls got autographs), and we experienced the longest championship game ever (17 innings!!!).

Every year we have watched this tournament on television and swear we are going to go next year.  I am so glad we finally did.  The facility, the fans, the atmosphere, the talent.....it's something special.

Pure coincidence was seeing some old friends who were in OKC playing softball!  E will always have a special place in my heart as one of the first Lady Diamonds (and a sweet, sweet friend to K).  If we could have ten #7s and ten families just like hers, we would have the perfect softball team.  
We were so happy to see them and were able to watch one of her games.

One of the special things they do every year at the WCWS is honor cancer survivors with a "Strike Out Cancer" night.  We discovered this when we received these rally towels as we walked in Monday night:

What I didn't know was that during the game, cancer survivors in attendance receive a t-shirt courtesy of the American Cancer Society and they are invited to go out on the field in between innings.  Standing in the outfield in the middle of so many fellow warriors, hearing the applause of 8,000 people and waving up at my family was like receiving the biggest hug possible.  I was surrounded by people who've never heard my name and don't know my story, but they celebrated the fact that I'm a survivor. 

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