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Friday, June 10, 2016

Kicking cancer's ass - day 1016

Insomniac blogging....

It's 2:04am....do you know where your children are?
I know where mine are.... they are sound asleep, like I should be!  And yet, while everyone else is snoring away in this house, I'm out here on the couch drinking sweet tea and surfing the internet.

I had a super fun day with my friend S.... eating and shopping and eating some more.  We've had a pretty fantastic week of girl time, actually, trying to cram in lots of hanging out before Sunday....but we won't talk about that.  After our day of baby shopping, wedding shopping, camp shopping, breakfast, lunch and pedicures, we were crazy exhausted.  We sat on my couch for about two hours just looking at each other and wondering why we were so tired.  I told her it would be nice if I was that tired at 10pm!  (She shares my insomnia habit so she "gets it")  Ha.  Little did I know I wouldn't even be that tired at 2am.  

It's officially summer vacation.  School is out.  Grammie has already come and gone for K's birthday.  Both kids are gearing up to go away to church camp in the next couple of weeks.  I keep waiting for life to slow down, but I still feel like I'm going a million miles a minute!  I have a lot of free time, but no time to get anything done.  How does that happen?

Anyway, I don't feel tired and I have nowhere to be first thing in the morning, but I should really quit rambling about nothing and try to get some sleep.  

But first, a few random pictures from the last couple of weeks:

K was selected for the 10U All-Star team

J received two awards at the 8th grade awards ceremony.

Crazy girls at K's birthday party.  Four adults, three hotel rooms and a dozen girls overnight.  OMG!

Watching The Jungle Book with Grammie (excellent movie!)

Frontier Texas (first time for me!)

The Abilene Zoo with Grammie (the one day it wasn't raining!)

And finally.... my girl doing the other thing she loves.  When she's not on the softball field, she wants to be on the back of a horse.

Sweet dreams everyone (including me, hopefully!).

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