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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 774

I was going to write a big long post about how lousy people can be, but this says it all....

It sucks when you give, give, give and it's still not enough.  No matter how hard you try, someone always finds fault with what you do.  I'm human so I don't always do or say things perfectly, but I give 110% and I try my hardest to make everything right.  It's upsetting to me that no matter what, most people are in it for themselves, and being nice makes me an easy scapegoat when things don't go their way.  I may be naive, and too nice, but I am NOT a liar and don't appreciate my integrity being questioned.

The end.

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Lisa R. said...

I'm sorry!!! I'll vouch for you any day (and EVERY day). {{{{{BIG HUG}}}}}}