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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 701

Two years ago today, August 1, 2013, I heard the words "you have cancer". 

That was just the beginning of the bad news.... The cancer had spread to my lymph nodes; there were three tumors, not one; my genetic testing was positive.  What does all of that mean? It means that for two years I have been kicking cancer's ass.  I had eight chemo treatments.  I've had six surgeries. I've had thirty-three radiation treatments.  Cancer took my breasts, chemo took my hair and the last twenty-four months have taken a toll.  But hard as it may have tried, cancer didn't win.

Two years ago today I became a cancer survivor. 

I refuse to say "cancer free". I have no symptoms and none of my blood work indicates a problem, so I'm going with the mantra "no news is good news".   But doctors don't tend to use the term remission anymore, and I have a hard time convincing myself that my body has no tiny microscopic ugly cancer cells just lurking, waiting to rear their ugly heads. My doctor doesn't do scans unless something warrants them, so I have no real proof that there isn't any cancer growing somewhere inside me.  That's why I choose to say I'm a cancer survivor.

Today, August 1, 2015, I will become something else - a stepdaughter.  Today our family celebrates.... we celebrate a mother and daughter both being on the other side of treatment and surgeries, and both being cancer survivors.  And we celebrate a couple's love as my mom and her guy finally tie the knot.

Happy Wedding Day Mom and Dana. I wish you many more years of love and happiness.

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