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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 796

Life is too short.

How many times have you thought that?  How many times have you said that?  How many times has something happened to remind you of that?

As I sit here at my laptop today, coughing and hacking and cursing the world because I have the cold from hell, my eyes are watering, it's freaking windy outside, my joints ache from my new medicine and every night I have the worst restless legs.....I came across a blurb on Facebook that Joey Feek (one half of the country duo Joey & Rory) said goodbye to her daughters.

Oh my freaking God.

I don't know her.  Even though I listen to country music, I couldn't even tell you one of their songs.  I don't know how old she is and can't even remember what kind of cancer she has.  All I know is that she's a beautiful woman, a loving mom and is going to have to leave this world way too young.  She knows she is going to die soon, and she had to say goodbye to her children.

Life is too short!

None of us know when we will die.  But I can just about bet that anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer has thought about it.  I have.  I was told at age 40 that I had stage III cancer.  Um, I'm still supposed to have more than half of my life to live.  Knowing I'm going to do that with the worry that cancer might come back sucks.  Plain and simple.  Knowing that, and knowing I have a husband who is my whole world and children whom I love dearly..... there are no words.

Cancer isn't always a death sentence.  I know that.  But cancer is everywhere, and more often than not, the beast wins.  I'm a fighter, and an optimist, but the worry is there.  Always.  After eight rounds of chemo, thirty-three rounds of radiation, seven surgeries.... will I have to do this all again someday?  If I do, and it doesn't work, how do you find the words to say goodbye to the people who make your world brighter?

Kind of makes my stupid cold seem insignificant.

I'm off to take some more medicine, stock up on cough drops and tissues and put on a hat.  I have a football game and a softball game to go to, because even though I'm sick, life is too damn short!

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