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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kicking cancer's ass - day 811

Life is HARD.
Even without cancer.  Family issues, family health issues, friend issues, parenting issues....
It's so hard.

This is what the side of my refrigerator looks like:

The medicine I take every day is in the cabinet right next to that.  Every morning, as I swallow pills that will hopefully keep me alive for a long time, I stare at the side of my fridge.

That's my whole world.  Right there.
My husband.  My children.
My mom and my dad.
And Allyson, the angel I look to for hope and strength when life gets too hard.  She was the queen of pep talks, and if she couldn't come up with a pep talk, then she would crack a joke.  Or give a great hug.

Even though I had a fantastic weekend away (which will be a post for another day), tonight, life is HARD.

But it's my life, and it's a life full of those blessings right there.
Thank God.

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